With just a few tweaks, you can give Vivaldi that cool Arc vibe
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  • This project mainly includes a set of CSS files and a Vivaldi theme. With a few simple steps of configuration, you can modify Vivaldi into Arc style. Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.
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📹 2022.08.28 Behind the scene

To give some background, I've been using the Vivaldi browser as my primary browser for about a year now. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Arc browser, which was still in beta testing at the time, for about two weeks. The experience of using Arc during those two weeks was really good - the interactions felt intuitive, and the UI was very aesthetically pleasing.

However, I eventually switched back to Vivaldi primarily because Arc crashed a few times during use.

Later, I learned that Vivaldi actually allows for UI customization using CSS, so I decided to give it a try. The result is the configuration that is described on this webpage. While the final result doesn't quite measure up to Arc's UI and attention to detail, I feel that this configuration provides a similar user experience. So I wanted to share this configuration with everyone who is still waiting to test out Arc, or who might be looking for an alternative due to Arc's memory usage.

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